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Amphetamine needs better predefined hour options

The options displayed under the Hours menu in Amphetamine don't make much sense and should be changed.

Looking under the Minutes menu, the options provided are quite logical. They step up by 5 minutes twice, 10 minutes twice, and finally by 15 minutes: http://ca.mag.cm/052I1Y100j3P

Looking under the Hours menu, however, reveals options that make little sense. They step up by 1 hour four times, by 5 hours, by 2 hours, and finally by 12 hours: http://ca.mag.cm/022p242j0p0C

The Hours menu would be much more useful and logical if a different set of options were provided. Instead of the current options, the following should be available:

01 Hour
02 Hours
03 Hours
06 Hours
09 Hours
12 Hours
24 Hours

Notice how these options follow the same pattern as the Minutes menu? They step by 1 hour twice, 3 hours twice, and finally by 12 hours.

The current Hours options have driven me crazy ever since installing Amphetamine. I would really like to see them changed soon.

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  • Craig Goldensoph commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Agree on a 8 or 9 hour option to better work for a standard work day or even better to let users customize their list of options.

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